tree galaxy_safe copyFrom sunlit peaks to the darkest valley nights, our heavens showcase an astounding abundance of light.  Full Circle gathers these sparkling treasures as signposts on our journeys to highly energized and fulfilling way of life.

Purple circle smallAs we travel through our days on this earth, our endings come again and again to meet our beginnings, offering us opportunities for a growing wholeness of understanding. It is important to recognize and celebrate these times of coming full circle.

touchng circle black edit_safe copyWhen we allow our ends to touch their true beginnings, a thrill of completion and learning ripples out, lifting our energy so that we can embrace our pain as well as our joy with appreciation. Then things become possible that simply weren’t before.

Thus, each completed circle begins to engage us naturally into a larger spiral of increasing love that both deepens and elevates us at once.rose spiral_safe copy

Use this site to spark your own soul’s wisdom tracings in the following areas…

  •  embracing the richness of your personal best
  •  health and financial wellbeing
  •  spiritual awareness and personal growth
  •  relationships that prosper

Specific results people commonly gain from working with Renee include:

**  stress or pain relief
   improving health
**  more energy
   rewarding community
**  peace of mind
   financial well-being
**  clarity about choices
  creativity and joy

As one who has overcome cancer naturally, Renee Getreu shares 3 tools that have helped her accomplish all the above and more:

1) Depth Focus Breathwork and Creative Thought
2) Regenerative Nutrition consultation
3) Tapping into Wealth (EFT) for Financial Freedom

Thank you for visiting this Full Circle!  May you find exactly what will be most helpful to you.