Renee Getreu, Breathwork CoachAuthor Genevieve Renee Getreu teaches and consults on  how to fulfill the change you want in your life. The meaning of her birth name (“the beginning of life, reborn, faithful”) captures her excitement about the potential she sees in full circle thinking – finding a new and richer beginning in every ending.

Renee is an expert breathwork facilitator with over 30 years of active service. She is a follower of the living Christ who supports each person to develop a dynamic, genuine and personal relationship with the living I AM presence through their own direct experience, study of Scripture and involvement in faith-based community.

Renee has overcome a fast-killing cancer using natural means 25 years ago. She is a raw food advocate and facilitates healthy lifestyle choices through breathwork, tapping and consultation.  She has completed Master’s level coursework with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D. and offered editing, research and cleanse support for 5 years under Dr. Richard Anderson, N.M.D.

Renee also developed a money management course and training materials designed to support students in experiencing more financial freedom. She is a founder of the highly effective non-profit she helped to establish 21 years ago that supports micro-enterprise development, known as JEDI that now serves four counties in far northern California as an SBA Women’s Business Center.  (See for more info.)

Certified as a Tapping into Wealth Transformational Coach, Renee also serves private clients who want to pursue financial goals, and gain new confidence and ease with greater flows of money in their life.

Renee’s greatest passion is supporting everyone to learn how they can  embrace more of the joyful power of their own sovereignty, creativity and freedom.

To trace the full circle is to gain the wisdom and peace of full completion of any aspect of our lives.  Knowing how we created anything gives us the power to repeat it at will, or not.  Too often things are repeated unconsciously, but there is a better way.  The Bible tells the story of a crowd that gathered to condemn a woman, ready to stone her.   But when they asked Jesus about it, he bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger…  (John 8:6).  I always thought he must be tracing a full circle, for when he stood back up, he uttered wisdom that has resounded through the centuries:  “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.”  As we trace the full circle, we discover compassion that frees us to step out of our own old patterns, and frees us to love our all-too-human neighbors as well.

What is He saying to you?

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