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In today’s world, even high capacity learners experience “information overload.” And for those who have alternate learning styles from the ones most commonly used in schools, life can become a nightmare. The following article offers reflections on how to assist someone who is struggling with “learning issues.”  Just like “writer’s block” it can seem ‘oh, so solid and real.” But with the right approach, and strong determination, even  severe mental challenges can become stepping stones to significant achievement.

Outstanding cutting edge brain research has shown that the brain has almost infinite capacity to re-pattern, re-learn and restructure itself. Check out the amazing book, The Brain that Changes Itself.

The key is providing the right kind of stimulus (stimulus that works for that person) in the right rhythm and timing. The following article is offered by Renee as a result of her personal experience with homeschooling her son and with teaching adult learners seeking to gain financial skills.

Stuck in Failure…

PLEASE SEE THE WORK OF RICHARD LAVOIE!  He has brilliant materials, videos and seminars to help teachers and parents begin to understand better the experience of people with learning disabilities, so they can actually become a help rather than a further hindrance.

There is a way to freedom for kids and adults struggling with these issues.

Use the following link to get to his site, or search for the F.A.T. City Seminar online.