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Our breathing is a powerful key to well-being.  It is a central link that connects and directs our life force on many levels.  When we breathe well, we generally feel balanced, clear and happy, think with accuracy and inspiration, and enjoy increased health.   But everyone alive is breathing.  What does it mean to breathe well?

Many people today are breathing in ways that allow them to stay alive, just barely!  Breathwork instructor Renee Getreu calls this ‘survival breathing.’  It is common to unconsciously restrict the natural flow of breathing with every breath taken:  stopping in between breaths, taking shallow breaths, holding breath, struggling to take a deep breath, or breathing with an imbalance between exhale and inhale.

Vitality Breathing is a method for practicing our best breathing, and seeing what happens when we breathe more freely.  Breathing well produces a powerful cleansing effect as it supports the body to more effectively release physical toxins, along with toxic states of mind and feeling.  As a result, we naturally experience more love, truth and  powerful insights that come from connecting the two.

If you have interest in any of the topics on this site, you will want to schedule  breathwork or a free consultation session with Renee to see how you can benefit.

Vitality Breathing is now offered by Renee via video call as well as in person.  If you are out of the area, you still can participate.  Simply contact Renee by phone or by e-mail to arrange an appointment.

For more information, contact Renee at (530) 938-1653 or

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