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Raw and Delicious book coverThis new release is authored by Renee herself, based on her determined personal journey back to health and wellbeing. “When I started, it seemed impossible! Not only did I not have the time or energy  to learn a whole new way of food preparation and eating, but I didn’t WANT to.  Can you imagine never having your favorite pizza again, or birthday cake or Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing?  Well, I sat down and cried.

Then I got back up and started the long uphill climb of discovering appealing ways to prepare my new food choices.  Every time I persevered and ‘graduated’ to a new level of self discipline with my eating, it seems I was rewarded with new insights on even better ways to prepare raw dishes.  Now, after 16 years of ups and downs, ins and outs, I can honestly say that to me, I really do prefer life “RAW AND DELICIOUS!”

Go to the page titled “Food that Heals” for the link and more info on the “RAW AND DELICIOUS” handbook.

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Now you can access Renee’s expertise from any location where you have Web access.  She is only a video call away.  Contact Renee by e-mail ( or by phone, (530) 938-1653, to learn more or set up an appointment.

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