For anyone who has cancer or knows someone you love who has cancer, the following reflections may be valuable to you. Click the link on the very next line:

Through Cancer into the Light  by G. Renee Getreu

raven talks_safe copy      As the Raven will tell you…

Cancer can be overcome.  It takes focus, commitment, faith, guts, perseverance, and the grace of good timing.  And it is an amazing journey for all involved.  Some find they have more time, some lots of time and some hardly any time at all left in this body to learn and to grow.  I say, whatever time we have, let’s make the most of it!

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A highly valuable website and materials I recommend are found at     Chris was only a young man when he was diagnosed with colon cancer, already in an advanced stage.  Something in his heart told him there was a better way than chemo and radiation.  As a man of faith and father of 3 young girls, he was fully committed to overcome this illness.  In his Square One program, he shares his research and takes people through everything needed to make an informed decision about their own cancer care.  He also provides detailed instructions for how to heal cancer naturally, using diet and lifestyle.

After overcoming cancer myself for over 30 years now, I know intimately the incredible power of diet and lifestyle for wellbeing.  But I realize that not everyone’s body is exactly like mine, nor is everyone’s cancer the same.  Over the years I have continued my research, finally completing an M.A. degree in Spiritual Nutrition with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

Dr. Cousens (Cousens School of Holistic Wellness), advocates raw vegan food and fasting as powerful means to regenerate health.  I combine Dr. Cousens’ methods with those of Dr. Richard Anderson, N.M.D. (founder of the Arise and Shine internal cleanse program, another pioneer with whom I worked for 5 years).  I now offer a coaching series for healthy diet and lifestyle known as,”Your Physical Bottom Line”.  Our health is an essential foundation to our ability to thrive and exercise our God-given freedom in every area of our lives.