A certified Tapping into Wealth Transformational Coach, Renee offers a highly effective blend of tapping, depth focus breathwork and physical health consultation (as needed) to help you reach your financial goal.

Financial goals can be daunting, and that is why most people never set or reach an income goal.  But with Renee coaching you through, you can do it.  As you commit 100% to your goal setting and fulfillment, Renee will leave no stone unturned to see that you reach the confidence, ease and flow of money that you need and want in your life.

Renee will walk with you every step along this journey, encouraging and holding you accountable so that you can bring forth your best results, both financially and personally.  For truly thriving is about way more than just a number of dollars.  It is also about doing the work that you love for a reasonable number of hours each week, and interacting with the larger community in ways that are deeply fulfilling to you.

Contact Renee today for more info or to set up your free initial Clarity consultation.  In this meeting, Renee will ask you lots of key questions, and then make her recommendation for the most effective way you can begin to reach your financial goals.    You’ll be so glad you chose to get your Clarity consultation from Renee.  Just doing the meeting will give you significant insight into your money situation and your goals.  You’ll also have a chance to get all your questions about the program answered.  Some practitioners already offer this session for $200!  So, you are very fortunate to have found Renee, who still offers it as a free, initial session.  Get in on this great deal while it lasts, and call or email Renee at 530.938.1653, or muchfinegold@gmail.com