This page is the heart of it all.  It is in the richness of true being that we find our courage and strength to persevere, no matter what challenges we are facing.

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How do we find the richness of true being?  And what is it?

In my experience, I have found it in the silence, amidst a loneliness so intense it has made me weep with desolation. I have also found it in the smile of a true friend, in the glory of a much-needed sunrise, in the eyes of my son when he realizes I do understand after all, in the story of a saint who wouldn’t give up the fight for abolition of slavery until the battle in his country was won, in the agony of a friend suffering from severe pain and illness, and in my mother’s peace of mind as she helps her husband prepare for his transition from this world.

But most of all, I have found it in my breathing, and in the love of those who ‘mid-wifed’ me into this new awareness.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all those who have gone before.

What is the Richness of True Being? Simply this, facing the truth and being with it, and with God’s help, choosing to love, no matter what.